AERIAL WORK & EXPERTISE on power grids

As a tradition, we are highly specialised in all types of operations linked with power grid operations. Whether it regards construction or power line inspection, we offer you the highest level of expertise.


Our high level of expertise enables us to ensure an air transport system according to specific electric works standards and in particular, the construction of pylons. No matter the complexity of the environment, we intervene rapidly with respect to your specifications.

Technical side

  • Foundations on support structures : The helicopter can quickly supply the drilling machinery in one or several sections according to the weight of the machine used and can supply all required equipment ( including = support structures, liquid concrete, concrete…). Rapid folding away of equipment at the end of the intervention.
  • Above ground foundations : The helicopter can be equipped with a small mechanical excavating apparatus in order to dig out a foundation, then can transport the required equipment for the creation of a solid foundation (concrete casting support structure, concrete reinforcing bars, concrete…)

Your advantages

From an environmental point of view, if working in remote areas or difficult access zones, you avoid the necessity of having to make easy access landings for the project concerned and so reduce time spent as a whole on the intervention, thus increasing the level of safety.


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