AERIAL WORK & EXPERTISE on power grids

As a tradition, we are highly specialised in all types of operations linked with power grid operations. Whether it regards construction or power line inspection, we offer you the highest level of expertise.

HELICOPTER “HELI-BASKET” OPERATIONS – Methode of working on electrical cables

We have been using this method for cable repair operations, replacement of equipment such as bird tags.
All these operations are carried out with rapidity and safety. These operations have been carried out using H135 and Super Puma.

Technical side

The helicopter Heli-Baskets are suspended under our helicopters or hanged on the cables and allow the 2 operators to work on the electrical cables with a high level of safety and optimum ergonomics at the workstation.
The platforms used under our Super Puma  can carry up to a maximum of 4 line-men, and are used for the replacing of cable joining mechanisms or for operations at high altitude.

Your advantages

Fast intervention
Electrical shutdown not required (no impact on nearby housing)


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