As a tradition, we are highly specialised in all types of operations linked with power grid operations. Whether it regards construction or power line inspection, we offer you the highest level of expertise.


Our methodology is well known by our clients, and approved by aeronautical authorities; a method which enables quick intervention, technical review included, adapted to all situations.

Technical side

We use steel wires or pilot wire ropes which are inserted into the pulleys and secured at each extremity with a blocking system. The steel wire is a cable of 13 to 18 mm in diameter which can be unwound up to a length of 6 km at a time. We have the capacity of unwinding all kinds of cable, including the fibre optic type. In addition to this, our Super Puma EC225 has the capacity to lift suspended weights of up to 4,5 tons.

Your advantages

In addition to the rapidity of execution, the environmental impact with regard to vegetation is limited as there is no requirement to create a landing area. Not only is that an advantage but additionally, the live circuit is shut down for only a short period (a question of a few hours rather than the usual 4-day period) with the use of electric portable generators for protected zones.


Déroulage ENEDIS au B3

L’intervention a été réalisée mi-avril, elle consistait au déroulage de 3 x 1 200 m de câble. Opération de déroulage de câble (9 tirs à réaliser de 300 m. La prestation a été réalisée avec un hélicoptère de type Écureuil B3.

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Déroulage de cable Enedis


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