For certain operations we can additionally make available helicopters and drones. Our drone range of equipment is able to carry out numerous tasks such as inspection of power lines in order to identify signs of deterioration linked to weather conditions.


In line with the assigned interventions, we offer a wide range of technical options : power line work, tower inspection (or on electrical grid systems) and at short distance range : electronic eye inspection. For longer distances extending to several kilometres : long range inspection (more than 50km to carry out a 3D survey, for example).
This device can also be used for shorter pilot cable unwinding operations.

Technical side

We have more than 30 drones available and 18 trained remote pilots for all types of intervention and operations. For operations involving the unwinding of cables, we use a method unique in France consisting of a drone and an automatic tension system created by Airtelis.
The electronic eye inspection allows the drone to see what is invisible from ground level. Equipped with a high level photographic lens, it is are able to give precise technical diagnosis. In addition, it gains in levels of safety, by reducing the need to carry out extra work by employees.
Our drones enable us to carry out operations for the laying down of cables in a straightforward, rapid manner. Due to their precision and manoeuvrability, they are capable of being used in zones with difficult access for the positioning of short pilot cables by avoiding complex logistical problems.

Your advantages

As it is very easy to use, the drone offers a complementary solution to that of the helicopter. Being more economical and responsive, the drone limits the impact that machines could have on the environment. In addition, the sound of a drone passes almost unnoticed.

Should you wish for drone flying techniques ?

At present, it is necessary to have undertaken an S0 training course in order to have the right to fly a drone. AIRTELIS and its team of 3 trainers, can offer this training course, whatever your level of experience.


surveillance maintenance



Intervention réparation remplacement pose d'entretoises


mn of flight autonomy

chiffre d'affaire

30 / 40%

economy of inspection operations on power lines


Chantier de déroulage RTE à Aubagne

La demande

Déroulage de câble lors de la construction d’une ligne électrique

La solution proposée

Un drone travaux déroule un premier câble entre deux pylônes. Ce premier câble sera un guide pour l’installation du câble définitif. Associé à une freineuse, le drone va adapter sa vitesse et la tension mécanique du câble afin d’éviter qu’il ne traîne ou touche des obstacles. C’est une solution idéale pour certaines zones difficiles d’accès.
Ce premier câble est posé en seulement 10 minutes.

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Surveillance de ligne
Surveillance de ligne


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