AiRtelis efficient services


AIRTELIS has set up training programs about helicopter business, fitted to the power grid operating (maintenance, engineering, network development):


- specialist training to refresh and expand your skills and acquire new expertise,

- tailored seminars/workshops to discover the latest techniques,

- innovation, namely in areas of energy markets, renewable energies and new technologies

- consultancy and expertise activities to evaluate and  identify your specific needs,

- technical assistance (short-term missions as well as for expatriates).



AiRtelis proven method


We discuss the need for training with the customer and propose an adapted training road map.

We deliver an evaluation and therefore help the customer to decide to mandate his newly

trained staff or if a further training is required.




French power sector


Training courses for EDF in France on procedures for load lifting and safety information when using helicopters.





We rely on our trusted partners such as RTE International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RTE, which markets throughout the world, the know-how and expertise of RTE. AIRTELIS also relies on its partners' skills such as:LX ProSwiss Rotor Solutions.

The use of helicopters demands the mastery of techniques, using methods that are perfectly adapted to the task at hand, maintaining high levels of security and precision.


Enhanced with 60 years of experience carrying out various types of helicopter operations, our parent company RTE has developed a universally unique methodology and equipment.


AIRTRELIS provides expertise through consultation, training, engineering and integrated solutions to a high professional level in order to strengthen levels of competency.


Project success is guaranteed with AIRTELIS.



With increased staff competency,  your operational activities become safer and more efficient.