Reactivity and safety in emergency cases


AiRtelis efficient services


AIRTELIS is able to intervene quickly in emergency situations following all safety conditions.


Concerning site accidents due to bad weather conditions, power/nuclear or thermal incidents, AIRTELIS is able to react quickly with efficiency using its reliable human and material resources to carry out emergency repairs or aerial interventions.  



AiRtelis proven method


Aerial works by helicopter consist in the best alternative to operate fast perilous tasks requiring a complex and meticulous approach. 



AiRtelis advanced tools


The helicopters (Super Puma EC 225) enable the lifting of 4 ton sections and avoid human intervention under heavy mobile loads.

AIRTELIS operates or provides various types of helicopters always choosing the most well-adapted equipment.



Concrete executionS / REFERENCES



Forest fire fighting operation with the Super Puma in Provence - France (August 2016) together with the civil security forces (> read more).


- Dispatch of electricity generators during snow conditions.


- Emergency pylon replacements as in the collar pass of Schulcht (France, Vosges) where 17 posts of the electric line supplying the site had been damaged by the snow (summer, 2016).


- Urgent setting up of power lines due to extreme weather conditions (until final replacement)

- Intervention on the nuclear central of Golftech with the 2 Super Puma involved




AIRTELIS owns a unique know-how and the necessary innovative equipment to allow fast and delicate interventions in tense situations.


Our performance relies on our two EC225 helicopters, known for their high level of safety, speed and range, as well as an unmatched payload lift capability.

Enhanced with 60 years of experience carrying out helicopter operations, our parent company RTE has developed a universally unique methodology and equipment.



Security: AIRTELIS submits a unique performant solution which avoids human interventions under suspended loads and guarantees machines conform to all situations, however serious.


Speed: AIRTELIS qualified staff and advanced equipment can be made available in the shortest possible time.