AiRtelis efficient services


Construction sites require heavy load transportation.

AIRTELIS aerial lift operations provide the following advantages of fast interventions to high levels of security with environmental impact reduction. Transportation possibilities include:


- power transformers

- electricity-generators dispatching

- air-conditioning units

- prefab modular buildings for construction sites











AiRtelis proven method 


Aerial works by helicopter, following principals of high security, avoid interventions under suspended loads.



AiRtelis advanced tools



helicopters EC 225: an unmatched payload lift capability


Equipped with specific additional sets of specialized equipment, the Super Puma EC225 is thus able to carry suspended loads of up to 4.5 tons. They are certified “class C” with a system of load transportation in contact with the ground or water surface.


EC225 helicopter lift capacity related data: 


3 heights : (0/ISA, 1000 /0° et 2000 m/-10°) 


Height / temperature 

1000m / 15°C

1500m / 10°C

2000m / 5°C

Loadin capacity * (Kg)


> 4100

> 3600


* for information only; please contact us for any feasibility

to know more about the SuperPuma





Due to its capacity to lift "Algeco" containers to a height of 80m, AIRTELIS can manage fast assembly of basecamps in mountainous conditions.

Since AIRTELIS provides expertise and reliable equipment, we are able to perform complex aerial interventions even in harsh environments.


Our performance relies on our two EC225 helicopters, known for their high level of safety, speed and range, as well as an unmatched payload lift capability.


Enhanced with 60 years of experience carrying out helicopter operations, our parent company RTE has developed a universally unique methodology and equipment which can be adapted to load transportation and highly complex lifting.



Load lifting interventions are carried out to levels of high security and optimized efficiency as a result of years of experience to ensure confidence in performance.


High reduction of risks for workers is assured.

Operation schedules are significantly improved.


Not to mention...


Benefit for sustainable development:

Helicopter operations limit the danger of involving crane intervention and avoid the necessity of the construction of access approaches notably in protected areas, mountainous terrains and/or in zones considered to have difficult accessibility.