Line supervision

Our helicopters and crew fly over power lines all year long, detecting defaults by visual, infra-red or even UV methods. Damages are stored in a database and integrated into the planning of maintenance departments.


AIRTELIS fits the technical solution to your specific requirements. Our know-how and experience in consulting relies on the analysis of your precise needs as well as our capability to advise you both on the methodology (thanks to our skills in electrics) and the suitable technological aid (how best to equip the helicopter).  AIRTELIS  takes charge of the entire process.



Detecting by visual


This technique allows to detect what is visible to the naked eye, such as damages to pylons, cables or insulators.



Infra-red inspection


This technique is the best solution to detect hot spots on the lines, revealing defaults. The purpose is to select the appropriate sensor to decide whether an intervention or a advice from a specialist supervisor is required.





The UV captors enable line inspection for the acceptance of new interventions and for the detection of defaults with the aim of maintaining preventative measures.  In order to achieve this, the operator looks for abnormalities in the corona, which is a natural phenomenon for any work under tension.  It is part of the additional research conducted at the time of the Infra red Thermography visit and the visual inspection.



Laser survey


Long term supervision is suitable for this leading-edge technique. Laser scanning is necessary to store concrete information about the given site (topography, vegetation…), before being integrated into the planning of our maintenance department.

AIRTELIS carries out helicopter construction of overhead lines and maintenance works on high and very high voltage units.


Using a helicopter in electrical grid work greatly speeds up the intervention, including access to areas that are not easily accessible.


Our performance relies on our two EC225 helicopters, known for their high level of safety, speed and range, as well as an unmatched payload  lift capability.


With 60 years of experience with our parent company RTE, our performance in helicopter operations has increased.


The methodology and equipment of this major French electricity transmission operator are totally unique and adapted for such high precision executions.