AIRTELIS provides the global solution to effectuate required aerial interventions with its specially adapted helicopter service and well-trained staff, securing the customer assurance with its capacity to intervene in locations considered dangerous, classed as a protected area or cut off from operational modes of transport.





AIRTELIS has the capacity to conduct aerial interventions in inaccessible areas such as mountainous regions, densely populated region, remote locations…




Aerial helicopter interventions offer the best solution for the operation of dangerous tasks requiring a complex and meticulous approach.





helicopters EC 225: an unmatched payload lift capability


Equipped with specific additional sets of specialized equipment, the Super Puma EC225 are thus able to carry suspended loads of up to 4.5 tons. They are certified “class C” with a system of load transportation in contact with the ground or water surface. This type of helicopter is a machine which is perfectly adapted to long jobs, in zones that are difficult to access, because it can hover and is extremely maneuverable both sideways and backwards.





Construction or removal of Ski conveyers


Pylon replacements in inaccessible areas such as in the collar pass of Schulcht (France, Vosges) where 17 posts of the electric line supplying the site had been damaged by the snow (summer, 2016).

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Setting up of safety cages in mountainous area


- Lifting of cooling sections to roofs under construction in urban area


Rescue of malfunctioning helicopters in an isolated situation


Dispatch of electricity generators in snow conditions.






Security: AIRTELIS provides you with a unique, high level performance solution which avoids human intervention under suspended loads.


Speed and dexterity: in addition to the exceptionally reactive nature of its helicopters, interventions are carried out to a highly professional level with precision and care following AIRTELIS’ expertise.