AiRtelis efficient services


As a helicopter operator, you are motivated towards developing your services to the electric utilities (TSO) by enhancing your skills and adapting your organization.
AIRTELIS is at your disposal to support you in achieving this goal, and adapt your business to the specificities of power grids.



AiRtelis proven method


We are qualified in both power network and helicopter environments, and skillful in engineering and strategy. AIRTELIS assesses your needs and capacities, before defining an adapted road map including training sessions and document drafting.



AiRtelis trusted partners


We rely on our trusted partners such as RTE International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RTE, which markets throughout the world, the know-how and expertise of RTE.

The use of helicopters demands the mastery of techniques, using methods that are perfectly adapted to the task at hand, maintaining high levels of security and precision.


Enhanced with 60 years of experience carrying out various types of helicopter operations, our parent company RTE has developed a universally unique methodology and equipment.


AIRTELIS provides expertise through consultation, training, engineering and integrated solutions to a high professional level in order to strengthen levels of competency.


Project success is guaranteed through consultation with AIRTELIS.



Your most undeniable benefit is efficiency, as we gather highly specialized competences and combine them to meet needs in helicopter and electricity activities.

You save time and avoid misleading decisions by consulting us on your real need.