Overhead power line construction: cable installation and stringing


AiRtelis efficient services


We deliver a pilot cable or conductors which are laid on pulleys and secured at each extremity by a ground anchor.
The pilot cable is usually a 13 or 18 mm diameter cable which we can string up to 6 km in a row. The conductors to be directly strung can be of any type if single, including conductors with optical fiber.

The length we can string depends on the type of cable (linear mass). The prerequisite is the readiness of pulleys provided by us, to be preferably mounted on each tower by another actor of your project.



AiRtelis proven method


We use a ground winch as tensioner or a heliborne winch to unwind the cable.
This method does not require prolonged engineering study, it is ready-to-use in almost all cases.
It is even more justified when large obstacles have to be crossed (highway, river, valley, etc.) because it dramatically reduces the unavailability of the infrastructure.














AiRtelis advanced  tools


The helicopter (Super Puma) will deliver the force to string the cable and place it gently and safely on pulleys.
We operate with the only two Super Puma EC 225 in Europe certified for this type of operation (CLASS C) and therefore guarantee the highest level of safety available.





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AIRTELIS carries out helicopter construction of overhead lines and maintenance works on high and very high voltage units.

Using a helicopter in electrical grid work greatly speeds up the intervention, including access to areas that are not easily accessible.


Our performance relies on our two EC225 helicopters, known for their high level of safety, speed and range, as well as an unmatched payload  lift capability.


With 60 years of experience with our parent company RTE, our performance in helicopter operations has increased.


The methodology and equipment of this major French electricity transmission operator are totally unique and adapted for such high precision executions.



Access of cranes to towers for cable stringing can be avoided and therefore large access tracks in addition, especially if this method is coupled to heliborne tower building.


Not to mention…
Mitigated environmental impact; due to operation rapidity.