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AiRtelis efficient services


According to the requirements and specifications of your network, AIRTELIS provides technical assistance, in partnership with RTE International experts, such as:


- analyze your needs in terms of helicopter maintenance work, advice on choice of helicopter and organization of  works;

- execution of one-off jobs for maintenance or line construction;

- training programs for pilots, engineers and technical operators and update of qualifications and skills to standard level.


For example, before getting started, the preparation of an electrical site project takes almost 6 weeks. Rules and regulations must be taken into account when dealing with this type of helicopter project. There are piloting regulations, depending on the speed and direction of the wind, the temperature, and altitude, regulations which are inherent in all projects of an electrical nature, as well as specific grid guidelines in order to avoid electrical surge.





South Africa / DRC


In February 2016, Airtelis is expected to provide a 3-week training session on line supervision, on behalf of Airbus Helicopters/South Africa for technical network operators and pilots in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Asian Power grids


AIRTELIS has defined the suitable configuration of helicopters and sets of equipment, as well as training programs for an Asian customer willing to use his helicopters for line inspection and load lifting. People concerned by this two-year-program were pilots, management and ground operators.



AiRtelis trusted partners


We rely on our trusted partners such as RTE International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RTE, which markets throughout the world, the know-how and expertise of RTE.



The use of helicopters demands the mastery of techniques, using methods that are perfectly adapted to the task at hand, maintaining high levels of security and precision.


Enhanced with over 60 years of experience carrying out various types of helicopter operations, our parent company RTE has developed a universally unique methodology and equipment.


AIRTELIS provides expertise through consultancy, training, engineering and integrated solutions to a high professional level in order to strengthen levels of competency.


Project success is guaranteed with AIRTELIS.



By enhancing the competence your staff, we strengthen the level of safety and efficiency of your operational activities.


Our experience helps you developing safely new activities.


But the most important for us is to deliver training programs and solutions that guarantee the success of your projects.