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AIRTELIS operations in Germany

12 October 15

In the context of the partial construction of a dual powerline, RTE's German counterpart, Amprion, required boths RTE's aerial works department and AIRTELIS in order to remove the installations before settling 70 markers.


Our expertise and know-how have been efficient in this complex project, since the powerline is located near Düsseldorf, more than 100m above the Rhine.


The operation was successfully completed with the TST technique involving cradles under one of our twin-engines Ecureuil.



Request for construction of airline in Alsace by AIRTELIS - Summer 2015

02 September 15

In the context of a network- strengthening operation conducted by the french operator Electricity of Strasbourg that Airtelis intervened over a period of two weeks between Batzendorf and Haguenau in July 2015.


The company SAG Thetault, holder of the contract of the construction of a 225 kV overhead line, asked Airtelis, with its equipment and its expertise, to remove 5 pylons and unwind 5 cable cassettes.


Part of the project concerned a woodland area, requiring the use of the Superpuma and the high technicality of Airtelis helped overcome difficulties with restricted access. In addition, the site had to respect the environmental impact, in accordance with specifications. The response by air has not only accelerated the construction period but also reduced damage to the immediate environment and minimized the circulation of vehicles.

This action mobilized 10 people from the RTE Group team; fitters, drivers, mechanics, work supervisor...


Airtelis completed an operation for the the partial construction of a dual powerline above the Rhine in Germany:


> watch the video of the German  TV report